Sunday, February 21, 2016

Where does the time go?

Soooo it's 2016.....seriously where does the time go really go? I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I lasted posted here. But time easily slips away when life happens. You know, work, family, health and all that. It's been a busy couple of years.

No major updates in terms of launching "Marlena Boutique" still just a dream at this point. My sewing interests have morphed and changed the past couple of years. I started selling then stopped selling embroidered (mostly) kid's items after having a pretty good run in the local fair/craft sale market. I started sewing more for myself and less for the family and then for all of us. I swear I have crafting ADD, not to make light of a serious problem at all (we're almost positive my mother has Adult ADD, so it's a distinct possibility I do as well). I am constantly trying new things and new projects. I have many sewing projects going right now in various states of creation; some are just pdf patterns waiting to be assembled and cut, others just pretty fabrics, and quite a few UFOs.

I've been trying to be more focused, but that just seems to be my good intentions:)

Anywho, although I don't have any immediate plans to launch the line, I am currently working on sewing and possibly drafting lingerie for me. Yes, learning to do some selfish self-care sewing just for me, myself and I.

So stay tuned.