Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Corsetry part 3: The Photoshoot

A heck of a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this corset. Literally and figuratively. It took a long time to finish it. Many hours patternmaking, sewing up muslins, seam ripping, fitting, and repeating were necessary for my first corset. In theory corsets are simple because it is a lot straight stitching for the boning, but in reality, fitting a corset to a curvy body to make it supportive, sexy, and pretty all at the same time is a tall order. One of the people at the school describe cosetry as part sewing and party blacksmithing. I agree. So I decided I totally earned a professional photoshoot for this labor of love (oh and I finished finally sewing the binding on Valentine's Day). I made some accessories to go with the corset; a mini top hat and red skirt with a black tulle overskirt. Then I enlisted the help of Christina to make my vision of the transformation of the librarian who "lets her hair down"and becomes a vixen. Christina was my make up artist as well as the photographer. She's awesome!!! Another big thank you to sweetpea of King's Books for the gracious use of his perfect bookstore!

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