Sunday, February 21, 2016

Where does the time go?

Soooo it's 2016.....seriously where does the time go really go? I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I lasted posted here. But time easily slips away when life happens. You know, work, family, health and all that. It's been a busy couple of years.

No major updates in terms of launching "Marlena Boutique" still just a dream at this point. My sewing interests have morphed and changed the past couple of years. I started selling then stopped selling embroidered (mostly) kid's items after having a pretty good run in the local fair/craft sale market. I started sewing more for myself and less for the family and then for all of us. I swear I have crafting ADD, not to make light of a serious problem at all (we're almost positive my mother has Adult ADD, so it's a distinct possibility I do as well). I am constantly trying new things and new projects. I have many sewing projects going right now in various states of creation; some are just pdf patterns waiting to be assembled and cut, others just pretty fabrics, and quite a few UFOs.

I've been trying to be more focused, but that just seems to be my good intentions:)

Anywho, although I don't have any immediate plans to launch the line, I am currently working on sewing and possibly drafting lingerie for me. Yes, learning to do some selfish self-care sewing just for me, myself and I.

So stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boudoir and Glamour Photography

I absolutely adore boudoir and glamour photography. I actually had the pleasure of being on the other side of the camera twice this year. Once for my naughty librarian photoshoot and recently for a ladies' pampering shoot. I think it is so empowering and liberating to get all fancy just for the fun of it and have beautiful pictures to remember the day with.

I think this is especially important for curvy women. There are some awesome photographers that specialize in capturing beautiful women in all their curvy gorgeousness. One of the photographer's I absolutely adore (probably almost to the point of cyber stalking (in a non-creepy way of course) is Sue Bryce ( She is not strictly a boudoir photographer, she actually considers herself a glamor photographer, but her beautiful photos are simply divine! Especially check out her before and afters! She has posing for curves down to an art and a science!

Photos by Sue Bryce, MUA unknown

Photos by Sue Bryce, MUA unknown
There is a lot of great inspiration for boudoir on Pinterest. I have a couple of great boards, follow me if you don't already, check out my "Lingerie, corset photoshoot, retro, glamour photography and Marlena for starters. Then take a search for "plus size boudoir"on Pinterest for more awesome inspiration!

There are a number of photographers that specialize in boudoir of curvy ladies so make sure you do your research. Ask around, do a search and ask to see a portfolio (you may have to go in person or request online access due to the sensitive nature of these type of pics). A great picture, captures a moment in time, look at those lovely ladies. They will remember that day and have those gorgeous pictures to remind them when they are old and senile:)

Friday, January 10, 2014

New way to connect

I can't remember what fabulous blogger to thank for this cool time saving tool known as Bloglovin' but it is awesome! You can follow multiple blogs at once and see their updates in one screen regardless of whether or not they are on same format (ie blogger, Wordpress, etc). Try it out and connect with me Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Friday, January 3, 2014

New sketches

I've finally been able to put pencil to paper and get some of my ideas that have been keeping me up at night down on paper. I'm really excited about how these little gems turned out! My husband was trying to steal them! So that has to be a good sign right?

I have to say a big thank you to Amarina (isn't that a beautiful name) of Ursa Major (awesome vintage clothing in sizes 14+) for providing me with some gorgeous curvy croquis (is that the correct plural form?)!

Don't be surprised when you see these in garment form soon:) 2014 is my year to go big or go home!

Happy New Year!
Source: TechBlogStop
Happy New Year! Good riddance to 2013! I've been a busy beaver over the holidays trying to get things ready. I have big plans for 2014!

Here's one of my new additions to the sewing workshop.

Got a thrifted dress form and padded her out, still deciding on a name for her
Ordered sample kit of labels from BCI. Review is here, if you want more info.

Sourcing fabrics and lace:)

 And Sketching finally!!!

Sourcing clothing labels

I've been researching labels for a while. Boy is it a bit overwhelming! There is a lot of requirements of what you have to have on your labels, ie materials/content, origin, care instructions. Not to mention your personal branding for your company!

So I got my sample kit from BCI Labels and guess what? They are a local company! Based right here in Seattle, Washington. How cool is that? They have a lot of good reviews. I can say they sent my samples next day!

They have a lot of different options, including printed, woven, and cool materials like metal, bamboo and silicone! They seem to be very innovative with their offerings. I got the lingerie and swimwear sample kit ($38 + 10 shipping as of 1/14).

 From their website:  :: BCI Sample Kit :: Bridal, Lingerie & Swimwear Our best cross-section of all bridal, lingerie and swimwear labels. These are time tested labels in the intimate apparel industry that are soft, smooth and buttery...Think cashmere in a label...Kit includes but not limited to the following label production: Satin Broadloom, Satin Needle Loom, Printed Exosilk white satin, French 76 Hangtag, Mother of Pearl (white and pink) Rhinestone damask, White glossy Hangtag medium card stock, Printed satin woven edge ribbon, woven grosgrain damask labeling, Satin Florentine Collection, Mini Stainless Steel bikini label. One stop shop - get the best cross-section of intimate wear labels here and get your label going with BCI today!

I'm very impressed with their quality! All of these labels are beautiful! Too many choices I think, now I will have to think for a while. Decisions, decisions!

Plus size croqui
Source: Designers Nexus

I'm not sure if croqui is the plural or singular of the the base model that fashion designers use to sketch their designs on? Do any of my dear readers know? Any who, they typically are perfectly proportioned usually super tall line drawings of model on which you draw your clothing on. By drawing your clothing on top of a real body shape you can see how the garment will fit better. Keep in mind that pencil and paper is not bound by laws of gravity or any other earthly laws of physics such as drape or fabric behavior, but it does give you a good representation of body mechanics.

When I first started this blog there were not many plus size croqui out there. I based all my designs on the same pose. I did a search the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of other ones. I actually was given some gorgeous plus size croqui by Amarina of Ursa Major a ridiculously long time ago, that I've recently been sketching on (don't worry you will be seeing them soon).

Plus size croqui links:

Fashion styled

Need a Deviant art account but these are free:

Real proportions