Friday, January 3, 2014

Sourcing clothing labels

I've been researching labels for a while. Boy is it a bit overwhelming! There is a lot of requirements of what you have to have on your labels, ie materials/content, origin, care instructions. Not to mention your personal branding for your company!

So I got my sample kit from BCI Labels and guess what? They are a local company! Based right here in Seattle, Washington. How cool is that? They have a lot of good reviews. I can say they sent my samples next day!

They have a lot of different options, including printed, woven, and cool materials like metal, bamboo and silicone! They seem to be very innovative with their offerings. I got the lingerie and swimwear sample kit ($38 + 10 shipping as of 1/14).

 From their website:  :: BCI Sample Kit :: Bridal, Lingerie & Swimwear Our best cross-section of all bridal, lingerie and swimwear labels. These are time tested labels in the intimate apparel industry that are soft, smooth and buttery...Think cashmere in a label...Kit includes but not limited to the following label production: Satin Broadloom, Satin Needle Loom, Printed Exosilk white satin, French 76 Hangtag, Mother of Pearl (white and pink) Rhinestone damask, White glossy Hangtag medium card stock, Printed satin woven edge ribbon, woven grosgrain damask labeling, Satin Florentine Collection, Mini Stainless Steel bikini label. One stop shop - get the best cross-section of intimate wear labels here and get your label going with BCI today!

I'm very impressed with their quality! All of these labels are beautiful! Too many choices I think, now I will have to think for a while. Decisions, decisions!


  1. With those choices I will really have a hard time choosing the best clothing sourcing. Thanks for sharing by the way.

    1. They have a lot of great labels Josh