Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boudoir and Glamour Photography

I absolutely adore boudoir and glamour photography. I actually had the pleasure of being on the other side of the camera twice this year. Once for my naughty librarian photoshoot and recently for a ladies' pampering shoot. I think it is so empowering and liberating to get all fancy just for the fun of it and have beautiful pictures to remember the day with.

I think this is especially important for curvy women. There are some awesome photographers that specialize in capturing beautiful women in all their curvy gorgeousness. One of the photographer's I absolutely adore (probably almost to the point of cyber stalking (in a non-creepy way of course) is Sue Bryce ( She is not strictly a boudoir photographer, she actually considers herself a glamor photographer, but her beautiful photos are simply divine! Especially check out her before and afters! She has posing for curves down to an art and a science!

Photos by Sue Bryce, MUA unknown

Photos by Sue Bryce, MUA unknown
There is a lot of great inspiration for boudoir on Pinterest. I have a couple of great boards, follow me if you don't already, check out my "Lingerie, corset photoshoot, retro, glamour photography and Marlena for starters. Then take a search for "plus size boudoir"on Pinterest for more awesome inspiration!

There are a number of photographers that specialize in boudoir of curvy ladies so make sure you do your research. Ask around, do a search and ask to see a portfolio (you may have to go in person or request online access due to the sensitive nature of these type of pics). A great picture, captures a moment in time, look at those lovely ladies. They will remember that day and have those gorgeous pictures to remind them when they are old and senile:)

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