Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Technical Drawings

These were truly a labor of love. I'm pretty darn proud how they turned on. It's a good feeling when you impress yourself:) The technical drawings were created in Adobe Illustrator. There was much cursing, hair pulling and otherwise all out frustration during the process. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I will add that many of these I had to draw twice, first I had tried to do my tech drawing using 1/2 of my fashion sketch lady (because she is not straight on to the camera so to speak) and I got a big slap on the hand by my instructor (I still love you Jason) and had to redo them on a the straight on perspective plus size croqui. The layouts were done in Adobe InDesign for the lookbook and technical board. You can see more of the progress of my class on my other blog, Tortilla Designs here.
The Sable Babydoll set

The Fallon Cami

Alexis corset

My favorite, the Domonique Kimono

Fallon long slip

Another topper, the Samantha Pegnoir
Alexis Tap pant

Krystle teddy, my second fav

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