Monday, December 9, 2013

Supporting Independent Designers

In the past week or so I've come across 2 great articles about supporting independent designers. One was specifically about the price of handmade garments aka answering "why does this cost so much" question. The other article is specifically 5 key points on why handmade lingerie so special. I'll share the links in a minute. First I'll give you my $0.02.

Of course I'm a bit biased since I'm an independent business owner myself. But I also walk the walk. I try to support local businesses, shop at the farmer's market and make informed choices. I'm not perfect and yes you will see me in big box stores on occasion. As an independent designer I am very aware of the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating your passion. Making something from nothing. Starting with a concept and seeing that thing through to the end, a finished work of art. I know from experience how hard it can be to part with that thing of beauty, you have dreamt about for months hoping it is going to a good home that will appreciate it. I also know about mean customers, crazy show organizers, wondering if you have a hobby or a business when someone tries to talk you down on price. But I know personally, I feel at my personal best when I'm making something with my hands. I love the creative process. I love the feeling of fine fabrics and trimmings in my hands. I love thinking through construction processes. I love the smile on a customer's face when they see my piece. And that my friend, makes it all worth it.

On pricing

On handmade lingerie

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